Interesting places and things to do in Iceland. Main focus is on families with kids but many good ideas for everyone.

Weather and weather forecasting

The weather in Iceland is very changeable. Always be prepared for both sun and rain as you can easily have both during the same day (or even many times the same day). The weather forecast for today and next five days is here.
The average temperature is about 0-10°C (30-50°F) with the coldest months December and January and the warmest month July. This means that on the average it is not very cold in the winter and not hot in the summer eventhough there can come warm days. A warm day in Iceland is a day when the temperature exceeds 15°C.
Still you have to bring sun-protection on your face as the sun can be very strong, especially on the mountains or on the glaciers, eventhough you may not feel it.
You don't see many Icelanders with umbrellas. It is because it is often windy when it is raining so we have given up trying to use them. It is easier to have a nice raincoat handy.